Politics on Pinterest

March 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

When I was brain storming blog names with my sister on Tuesday we were toying with the word “Pinteresting”. (This was before Emily’s winning suggestion.) A quick google search brought up this article by Suz Korbel.

“I felt like a Doberman in a group of French poodles – too much on dessert and no red meat. Then I started using it, just pinning a few of my personal favorites and saw a stranger give me my first “repin” from an NPR photo featuring all the books written about Abe Lincoln. I started thinking that just because it’s full of flowers and hairstyles doesn’t mean I couldn’t push my own agenda.”

She’s right. One of the most interesting things about Pinterest is how you can use it for your own purposes. Some people like beautiful images, others like politics, or even sports. It’s a challenge for individuals and businesses alike. How do you fit in while still being yourself?

ThinkProgress.org has found a way of using Pinterest for their company’s politics that fits perfectly. I first noticed their boards because of this one: Companies No Longer Advertising on Rush Limbaugh. It’s a nearly live feed of advertisers jumping the Limbaugh ship, complete with logos. It is way more fun than reading it on Twitter. Think Progress also a few boards that are even more visual, like School Pictures of Presidential Candidates, and Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign.

It’s hard to pick just one of their boards to focus on, so here is the Obama Hug Scandal. Click the image for the original pin.

"Family Hug."

"George Bush hug."

"Cute kid hug."

"Hilary hug."

"Group hug."

For the sake of full disclosure, I also love them for using proper punctuation on a site where that habit is hard to find. Oh, and happy International Women’s Day!


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