That Artist You Already Love

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Like the Bingo Board of Pinterest Cliches pointed out, “Uncredited photos by great photographers” is definitely a common problem. Pinterest is barely above Tumblr for users being able to locate an original source. Credit gets watered down, and you don’t realize images are related until that one person finally adds the artist’s name. Suddenly all of the pieces fall together and it’s hard to imagine how this wasn’t already part of your general knowledge. This is the story of how I realized I was already in love with fashion photographer Tim Walker.

Aren’t sure who I’m talking about? You are probably more familiar with him than you know. He’s been working with Vogue for ages.

Search Word: Tim Walker. Click the image for the original pin.

"Tim Walker: Tim Walker"

Tim Walker

"Tim Walker"

hot air balloon dress. photography by Tim Walker

Tim Walker

Tim Burton. Tim Walker.

"Eglingham Hall and Balloons by Tim Walker"

"tim walker ♥"

"tim walker"

"Tim Walker"

"Love Tim Walker!"


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