Step Into My Office, Baby

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week I’m going to try something a little different: none of the pinners featured this week will be from the United States. Welcome to International Pinners Week!

Today I’m feeling a bit bummed about my beige cubicle, and I’ve been remedying this by browsing through Shiraki‘s boards. He’s based in Tokyo and works for a company called Officemill. (I can’t read their website myself, but feel free to take a crack at it you know Japanese.) A true office fanatic, Shiraki has many boards that feature specific offices of companies like Google and Pixar, and one board full of retail spaces.

The best board to start with is the catch-all Office Design. There’s nothing beige about it! Click the image for the original pin.

"Spiral Tower, Zaha Hadid"

"Adidas’ New Sporty Office"

"Office Interior Design by Za Bor Architects"

"PONS+HUOT's Office"

"Selgas Cano Architecture (Madrid, Spain)"

"PTTEP Headquarters – Where Casual Seating That Inspires Rules"

"Office", by Free People


"Beautiful Office Interiors of a Canadian Media Company"

"Indoor Gardens"

"Colorful Offices"


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