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For today’s board we’re hoping a continent away to South America. Rodnei is a pinner from Brazil that I found through the Cars & Motorcycles category. The cars, trains, and planes he pins are gorgeous, and a fun mix of both new and old technology. The classic car board has over 2,000 pins alone. Most are even labeled so that folks like me can learn a thing or two. It’s retro fan heaven.

It’s worth looking at his non-automotive boards as well. They range from topics like  Science & Nature, and History, to regional boards like Venesuela National Park Angel-Fall, and Brazil’s Places. The Carnival board is a lot of fun too, though common sense should tell you not to look at it during office hours.

But more about this classic car board. Welcome to Old Times. Click the image for the original pin.

Ferrari F-34

Jaguar XK


"The Mist green Sunbeam"

"Auto Union Silver Arrow"


“Hitler’s Racing Car”

"Mini Cooper Mark 1 (1959 – 1967)"

"1970 Subaru 360 Yacht"

1961 Airstream Bambi - MOMA Permanent Collection

"1947 Buick Movie Camera Car"

"1937 Horch 85e Voll & Rurhbeck Sport Cabriolet"

"Mercedes Benz 300S 1951"

I could go on, but I’ve got to stop now! Seriously, go browse this board.


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